Sorry guys I haven’t been blogging in a few weeks. That is because I was on track break and I was doing a lot of basketball and today (Saturday January 10th) I am having a basketball game at 12:00 pm to 3:00pm and i think it is going to be fun playing basketball in front of other people. So I have to go get ready for basketball right now so bye!!!


Tomorrow there is going to be no school because of the Parent Teachers Conferences and next week there is going to be no school because teacher meetings. I am going to have a five day weekend and I am pretty sure that other schools are going to be at school next week.

my mom and I found a new house and the bank and other people all ready bought my house and my mom is going to rent the house for about 3 years but she said that it is a maybe about the 3 years. my mom, Patti  and I are really excited for this new house.

there is only 3 more days until Halloween and my mom, patty and I are almost packed up to get ready to move to a different house and the people that looked at my house already bought the house and now it is there’s and we can’t do anything else to my house and my friends are really sad that I am going to be moving farther away from them and I always see them like every day. I hope there are really nice kids in my new neiborhood are nice. we are not going to be putting up any more Halloween decorations because we only have very little boxes left and they have to be for my mom’s room.  so my room only took 3 boxes but I think I am going to be needing another small box for my clothes and the stuff on my desk. the dogs are excited for Halloween because they like it when candy drops on the floor.

It is almost Halloween and it only comes once a year so I hope this Halloween is going to be better than last year because last year wasn’t fun at all. But I did like it when I got a lot of candy because there was barely any people going trick or treating. I hope this year I am going to be in a different community because there was only 10 people trick or treating. I hope it won’t be cold because last year it was nice and cool during the daytime. I am hoping to have A NICE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am going to be wearing a red dress, red flats, a crown, and a red scarf.

my dog Wednesday is going to be a pumpkin, my dogs sweeney’s costume is going to be a farmer, and Sunny’s costume is going to be Elvis

2 S’s and a day of the week is all about my dogs.  Their names are Sunny, Sweeney and Wednesday. Sunny arrived on Christmas 11 years ago. Sweeney is 5 years old, she first belonged to my brother but he went to college and now i take care of her. My brother (James) named her Sweeney after the famous musical Sweeney Todd. My mom found Wednesday in a pet shop. She was 8 months old and was on sale because she wasn’t a cute little puppy any more. You can see the picture of all my dogs when I post a picture of them in a few days. I love all my dogs and  I don’t have a favorite.  They make me happy!!

I am Hannah and I will be blogging about my dogs and my life with them. Hopefully through my blog you will know more about my dogs and how special they are to me and my family.